We have been partnering with Thumbtack since 2016, and our clients have been thrilled!  We have been in the class of Top Pro's every year, which is no easy task.  Some of the requirements include: Maintaining at least a 4.8 star rating, getting at least 5 reviews verified by thumbtack, and being hired at least 10 times.



By using our service you agree to these policies.


Lawn Service
Quickscapes Landscaping LLC lawn mowing service is done weekly throughout the season. You will be contacted in the spring to renew your service. Quickscapes Landscaping LLC lawn mowing service includes lawn mowing, trimming, edging, and cleanup.  Grass areas in the front, back, and sides of your yard will be mowed in different directions in order to avoid any lines in your lawn. Grass or weeds growing inside of beds will not be cut unless requested. Trimming is done around beds, fences, and trees. Edging is done along sidewalks and driveways in the front yard. Quickscapes Landscaping LLC makes sure to blow clippings from sidewalks and driveways once the service has been completed.

Assigned Lawn Service Day
Quickscapes Landscaping LLC schedules lawn services Monday through Thursday within designated cities/areas each of these days, ensuring that each customer is assigned a specific service day throughout the season. Although we assign a specific mowing day, the time of your service may vary from week to week. Quickscapes Landscaping LLC will assign the same mowing professional to come to your property every week, circumstances permitting.


Scheduling of Other Services

Miscellaneous/Optional work (shrub trimming, mulching, etc.) is scheduled for the end of the week after all customer's lawns have been mowed and may not be performed by the mowing crew.  The schedule is determined by the office and the mowing crew has no discretion in scheduling.

Gates and Pets
We prefer that all your pets be kept indoors and all gates unlocked on your mowing day. If you have a unique situation with a pet or gate please let us know, and we will attempt to accommodate you.  Our crews are very careful about closing gates before they leave, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard, therefore, you accept our service with this provision. Quickscapes Landscaping LLC is not responsible for lost or injured pets.

Pet waste

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all pet waste is removed from the yard 24hrs prior to your service day.  Employees of Quickscapes Landscaping LLC have the discretion to charge an equipment cleaning and sanitation charge if pet waste is present during a cut.  If this happens again your scheduled cut will be skipped and your account will be billed at your regular rate. Quickscapes Landscaping LLC also reserves the right to cancel service at any time, without notice, due to sanitation concerns.


Items in the Yard
We ask all customers to please pick up all small items such as toys, hoses, pet waste, and other items in the yard before our technicians arrive each week. Quickscapes Landscaping LLC is not responsible for damage to exposed sprinkler lines, other lines, cable, dog fence lines, and other items unless the client informs us first of their existence. Large items such as lawn furniture and trampolines may be moved or trimmed around.

Please do not water your lawn on your service day. Wet grass can cause clumping and streaking.

On weeks when a national holiday falls Monday thru Thursday, we will adjust the rest of the week’s schedule by one day so that we can service all remaining lawns that week.

Skipping A Week of Mowing
Client’s mowing rate is based on weekly mowing.  Quickscapes Landscaping LLC does not offer a biweekly mowing service. In extreme circumstances, the Client may contact Quickscapes Landscaping LLC to request skipping service for a particular week. This can be done with a minimum of a twenty-four (24) hour advance notice prior to the Client’s scheduled mowing day. If a skip is requested, the client will still be billed at the regular cutting rate for improvements done to the property in lieu of a mowing e.g. (Trimming, Edging, tree/shrub pruning, weed pulling, etc.) for the duration of the normal mowing time (typically but not limited to 15-20mins).  Please note that our crews do not make the decision of whether or not your yard needs mowing, so you will need to contact us to skip a scheduled mowing. In order for a requested skip to take effect, you must contact us at by 5pm EST the day before your scheduled mowing, no requests to skip will be accepted after this time. Service will automatically be resumed the following week.

Satisfaction Guarantee
All services shall be performed by qualified, experienced, trained personnel using practices and methods recognized as accepted standards in the lawn care industry. If the Client has any specific needs or issues with Quickscapes Landscaping LLC that arise during the season, please contact Quickscapes Landscaping LLC immediately so that these needs can be addressed. All Quickscapes Landscaping LLC clients are guaranteed satisfaction with their lawn care service. If you ever feel that your lawn service is not satisfactory, please contact Alex Quick at (734) 626-8779.

Service Cancellations
You may cancel your service with a two weeks’ notice, for any reason, without a cancellation fee.  All services canceled by clients must be done in writing.  If services are not cancelled in writing and without proper prior notice, an early cancellation fee will be applied to your final bill.

Complaints or claims of damage to the property must be reported within 24 hours of the incident. If Quickscapes Landscaping LLC damages a sprinkler head, please contact us anytime. We will repair the damage or replace the head as soon as possible.

We always try to finish our routes, even on semi rainy days. If we are unable to complete your service due to a heavy rainfall, we will adjust the rest of the week’s schedule so that we can service all remaining lawns the day after their scheduled day. To avoid excessively long grass, we recommend allowing us to mow even when the lawn is a little wet. However Quickscapes Landscaping LLC is not responsible for ruts in the lawn due to wet conditions.

Billing and Payment
For your convenience billing will typically be done 48hrs after service completion. Billing will be charged to the card on file. If the payment does not process, the Client will be contacted and a

request for a new payment method may take place. If, after the third attempt to complete billing your account is still past due, we reserve the right to cancel services and apply a

cancellation fee. Any unpaid debts and fees to Quickscapes Landscaping LLC are subject to third party collection attempts.


Prepaid Seasons

Quickscapes Landscaping LLC offers a convenient prepay service.  You may prepay for an entire season of lawn maintenance (aprox. 29 weeks) in full before the start of the season.  When doing so you will receive a 10% discount your first year.  Each consecutive year you prepay, you will receive an additional 1% discount on top of the previous years.  Max discount is capped at 15%.  There are absolutely no refunds on prepayment.


Photography and Online Marketing Agreement

By using our services you agree to allow us to photograph and document our work done to your property.  We understand and respect your privacy and will make every attempt at withholding all identifying information when publishing any photos. We reserve the right to retain and use any photos taken even after jobs or services are completed.


Miscellaneous Terms of Agreement

By hiring Quickscapes Landscaping LLC you agree to all the policies and conditions contained herein.  Please be aware that Quickscapes Landscaping LLC uses string trimmers on all properties.  As such, there may be small pieces of the trimming line that go unnoticed by our crews.  It then becomes the responsibility of the client to remove them.  By hiring Quickscapes Landscaping LLC you also agree to allow any employee of Quickscapes Landscaping LLC who possess a valid CPL to carry firearms on and around your property.  These policies can change at any time and without warning and you agree to allow Quickscapes Landscaping LLC to make exceptions to these rules as they see fit at any given time.  Quickscapes Landscaping LLC reserves the right to cancel service to any client at any given time without prior notice.


Customer Service
Customers can reach customer service, and up to date policies are available at anytime or at (734) 626-8779 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Thursday.