You Spoke, We Innovated.


WE aren't "those guys"

How many times have you heard, "we only edge every other week" or "you need to sign a contract?"  Aren't you tired of hearing the same old one liners from the guys that spent a grand total of 2.5 minutes in your yard last week and still forgot to clean your walks off?  Yeah, us too.  We are different because we used to work for those guys!  We got just as tired of the same old song and dance in the lawn care industry as you.  So instead of remaining to be the problem, we chose to be the solution.  Here is your light at the end of the tunnel. 


No Contracts. Ever.

Yes, you read that right.  There is absolutely no reason to lock yourself into a contract with a "lawn guy" you can't stand.  We get it, no company can be right for everyone.  If we aren't the right fit for you, or you have an issue we can't remedy, you are totally free to change your mind. 


No More "Hiding" Your Hard-Earned Money!

The same way we are able to keep you out of a contract is the same way we protect your money.  We send   you a one-time secure link which you use to enter a credit or debit card and VOILA!  Suddenly, Keeping your yard looking the best in the neighborhood is as simple as paying for Netflix or buying from Amazon. Simple. Secure. Modern.


Prepare to actually talk to somebody.

We are professionals.  If you contact us we will get back to you within 24 hours or less... seriously.  Whats more frustrating then repeated unreturned calls, texts, emails, etc?  Not much, its quite irritating.  So, we put an end to that!  We will actually get back to you.  Promise.



The Quickscapes Family


What to Expect As a Customer

We're all human, so cant we all just treat each other like it?  Whether you're just dropping a line to ask a question, or you've been a loyal customer of many years, each customer is treated like family.  We love what we do and have many years of experience to help tackle each problem head on with the correct solution.  By contacting us, you will be getting our best advice on any matter.  What if we don't have an answer?  We will gladly reach out to one of our many industry contacts and get you the help you need. 



We are committed to quality, as a result we don't overbook our schedules. That means we limit the number of clients we take on each season and charge accordingly.  We don't cram hundreds of clients into each week so we're not cutting from sun up to sun down.  The benefit to you is your scheduled cutting day isn't pushed back for days on end while corporate clients get prioritized and you're stuck worrying.  We only schedule Mon-Thurs so if it rains or there's a holiday we can still get your yard cut and looking good for the weekend.



Here are some actual reviews from actual clients. Here's what your neighbors have to say:


" Alex and his crew have done a few landscaping jobs for me this summer and I could not be more satisfied... They are extremely professional and hardworking. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable. I would recommend them to anyone who needs landscaping done!"  -Adrianna, Dearborn


"Honest with their estimate and explained everything they were going to do and answered any questions. Good communication. Hard workers."  -Jacob, Dearborn


" Did a great job and even went above and beyond what I asked for! Great prices and friendly faces! " -Kristina, Taylor


" Young energetic company with excellent standards on lawn maintenance. Very courteous and quick responses back when contacting for questions. Looks good every time! " -Josh, Allen Park



We guarantee you that our modern approach to maintaining a healthy yard is the best out there.  The unique approach we've taken checks all the boxes and leaves our customers completely satisfied.  Every year our schedules fill up fast, and we love that our customers are just as enthusiastic about us as we are about them.


Our Story


Overnight Success.

Quickscapes has been in business since 2016.  In these few short years, our attention to detail and obsession with quality have brought us tremendous success!  We currently provides weekly lawn service for over sixty of our neighbors here in the downriver area.  Also, we have completed landscaping design/install projects in cities such as Livonia, Taylor, Southgate, Grosse Ile, Allen Park, Gibraltar, Dearborn and many more. 


Who we are.

In April of 2016, Quickscapes was started by two brothers; Alex and Austin Quick.  After seeing a need to provide better service using technology, they headed out to fix the frustrations of lawncare customers.  The rest is History.  Today we employ locals from the communities we serve to help keep our piece of the world looking great and making it effortless to do so.


Making our neighborhood Beautiful

We want you to know that were more than just another lawncare company.  Great pride is taken in our work and we let the results speak for themselves.  Understanding that you entrust us to present your yard in the best way possible is a key principal at Quickscapes, and its in our culture.  That's how we train our crews and thats the standard we hold every job to.


keeping it that way

You expect nothing but the best out of us, and we know it.  That's why we practice whats known as "C.Q.I." Constant Quality Improvement.  If there's a better more efficient way of doing something, we do it.  If a new opportunity to provide a better value to our customers comes up, we take it.  We strive at being the best and we ensure that we will always remain the best.  We work hard everyday to keep ahead, and commit the benefits straight to you.